About Fur

  • In our descriptions you will note references to different types of fur-beaver, mink, fox, sheared beaver, knitted fur and so on. Following is a brief explanation of these types of fur.
  • Sheared Beaver is a soft, velvety texture, often dyed in new fashion colors.

Natural Beaver has long, lustrous guard hairs over thick underfur.

Chinchilla is a short, dense soft fur with lustrous slate blue guard hairs and dark underfur.

  • Coyote is a long-haired fur, often pale gray or tan in color, with thick soft underfur. It is a very durable fur.
  • Fox has the widest range of natural colors of any fur except mink. It has long, lustrous guard hairs with thick, soft underfur. Fox varieties include silver cross, crystal blue, red, gray and white and it can also be dyed in a wide variety of colors.
  • Broadtail Lamb has natural flat moire pattern. Natural colors include brown, black and gray and it is often dyed in more exotic colors.
  • Mongolian Lamb is very long and wavy with silky guard hairs. Its natural color is off-white, but it is often dyed.
  • Persian Lamb is from karakul sheep raised in Central Asia or Southwest Africa. The fur features flat silky curls and its natural colors are black, brown and grey.
  • Shearling Lamb consists of natural lamb pelts with the leather side sueded or leatherized and worn on the outside with the fur on the inside.
  • Mink is soft and lightweight with lustrous guard hairs and dense, soft underfur. Primarily farm-raised, mink remains the most popular fur. Female pelts are smaller in size and have a softer, silkier feel than male pelts. Minks can be died a wide range of colors and may be sheared for a sporty, casual look. Mink is a very durable fur.
  • Nutria is similar to beaver. It is often sheared for a sporty, more lightweight feel. Its underfur is very soft and plush. It is a popular fur for linings and trims, it is frequently dyed in a variety of colors.
  • Rabbit generally has medium length guard hairs in a variety of colors. It is often sheared or grooved. It is not very durable and has a tendency to shed.
  • Finn Raccoon has long, thick tan guard hairs with black tips and dense underfur. As the name implies, it is from Finland.
  • Sable has long, luxurious guard hairs with dense underfur, yet it is very lightweight. Russian sable is brown with silver cast and is the most expensive fur, especially when there is an abundance of silver hairs. Canadian golden sable has amber tones, and is somewhat less expensive. Sable is very durable.
  • Tanuki is also called Japanese raccoon. It has very long guard hairs and a full texture. Color is light amber brown with dark, distinctive markings.

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